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Reliable Septic Tank Service

Find affordable and clean toilet rentals and keep your septic tank working properly with routine septic service from Bluegrass Portables in Lancaster, Kentucky. We prevent messy problems with regular servicing of your portable toilets or septic tank.

Toilet Rentals

Contractors and other frequent customers are eligible for special discounts. Select the number of stalls you need, and let us know how long you need them. We promise they will be kept perfectly clean.

We offer:

  • One Day Rentals
  • Weekly Rentals
  • Monthly Rentals

Choose from:

  • Handicap-Accessible Unit (Also Nice if You Just Want a Larger Stall)
  • Standard Unit (Includes Hand Sanitizer)
  • Hand Wash Station (Separate from Toilet Stalls)

Septic Pumping

We are here to fix it if something goes awry with your septic system. Don’t put off this important maintenance. Spending a little now on sanitation services will save you money and trouble later. If you are already having any issues flushing toilets, or seeing any reflux in your sinks, tubs, or toilets, call one of our experienced septic professionals immediately.

You won’t see or smell a thing and we are in and out in a flash. We suction out all the contents of your septic tank and take it to a waste water treatment plant. We bring a large truck capable of handling any size septic tank. Hoses extend from the truck to your site, saving your lawn from any vehicle damage. We open your tank, dig if necessary, and return everything back to its place when we are done. The average home’s septic tank needs to be cleaned every 2-3 years.